Fishing Clothing

fishing clothingCarp clothing. You would never of thought it but carp anglers like to look fashionable. Carp t shirt, carp fishing hoodies and accessories are getting more and more renowned. Fishing has long be associated with untidy clothing, dirty sport with a touch of of maggots or fish slime. Not no more! Raw Carping are bringing out an array of carp clothing and accessories!

Whilst the colour olive is still well-known in the fishing t shirt brands, Raw Carping are bringing an supply of alternative low tone coloured t shirts. They say using darker more natural coloured garments helps you blend in from the fishes view.

Fishing Clothing

If you are at the fishing bank for a very long time it is very important wear something comfortable. Raw Carping have ‘nailed’ the standard of their fishing clothing uk . Stocking mens and womens t shirts, hoodies, joggers and accessories you can’t moan at their initial product launch. Raw Carping are using the latest print and embroider technology to help fishing clothing advance.

Raw Carping host a whole bunch of other carp clothing sale on their site including carp fishing near me and how to videos. If you want to learn how to tie carp rigs these guys look like they know their stuff. From ‘how to tie a zig rig’ to ‘how to tie ronnie rigs’ they walk you through bit by bit giving you a guide and video to watch.

Fishing Clothing

If you are into carp fishing these guys are ones to look out for. They be going to take the carp fishing scene by storm so they insist. They have a small fishing team catching regular. Although a new brand it looks like they are making moves already, since launch they have sold t shirts, hoodies and their accessories worldwide.

If you like carp fishing why not take a look yourself and see if they can improve your comfort when fishing!

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