What’s The Best Beer For A Christmas Beer?

What's The Best Beer For A Christmas Beer?

Posted on December 13, 2017, 3:07 pm
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What’s The Best Beer For A Christmas Beer?

It’s Christmas and you’re asking yourself what is the best beer to indulge in for a Christmas beer? If you’re like many people who don’t drink this can be a tough one. Choosing the right beer for you has never been harder considering now there is hundreds of micro breweries popping up all over the UK.

There are many staple brands of beer drinking like Brewdog, Verdant Brewing co and Old Chimney Brewery. You will see these in every super market and most craft pubs. Now you’re asking it’s Christmas and fancy a tipple, what do I get?

Christmas Beer Anyone?

We are going to look at the top 10 beers to drink at Christmas but before we do DRINK RESPONSIBLY! Each bottled beer will have a buy link to make it that bit easier for you!

christmas beerPlum Pudding Porter

This generous beer could of been pulled straight out of a novel. Flavors consist of rip stone fruits, plums and apricots and Christmas spice. When poured it is a thick, almost impenetrable syrup type consistency with a hint of Christmas pudding, sugary marzipan and spice on the nose! Buy My Beer

Santa’s Little Helper

These innovative Danish brewers have a modern take on a Christmas ale and it’s as boozy and as strong beer as you expected without being too sickly and sweet. Santa’s Little Helper smells of warmed fruits and berries, and tastes like caramel with a hint of astringency and is a full bodied and rich ale. This would be amazing with dark chocolate and dried fruit!

Cuvèe De Noel

This Christmas beer is one to enjoy after midnight mass, a pure Christmas classic. Cuvèe De Noel boasts a strong, brandy like smell with a slight sour note.and has a rich, sweet taste with a must, barrel aged depth to it. The beer is brewed with Liqourice and has a subtle taste of salt and aniseed. Buy My Beer

Port-Barrel Aged Greenwich Ale 

Meantime dark ale boasts all the fun of popping a cork without a hefty price tag and potentially a milder hangover! The beer is served in a wine bottle and has smells of chocolate and wood smoke but tastes of juicy berries. The whiff of port stems from the port aged barrels but it isn’t enough to make it taste like wine or port! More like fizzy, dark cherry chocolate taste! Buy My Beer

Tsjeeses 2015

This naughty little beer packs an extraordinary strength – 10% ABV! Thick, dense, orange in look and taste. Packs a slight floral note on your nose along with some botanicals and is one for the strong IPA lovers with its mango mouth-feel and sticky toffee notes. Buy My Beer

Christmas Ale – Sheperd Neame

One for the real ale enthusiasts. Made with British hops which lends this beer an earth body that’s a break from all the fruity festival flavors! There is a little note of spice with a touch of candy and raisins, perfect for those non fruity flavor people!

Southwold Christmas Ale

This festive little note is for a festive drinker who wants to get away from nutmeg and dried cherry flavors. The ale boasts of a toasty, caramel, toffee flavor with all the depth of the brewery’s distinctive yeast. Adnams are usually found at their seaside brewery soaking up the sunshine and eating fish and chips! Buy My Beer

Black Christmas

If you like bitter stout this one is for you. It pours black as black can be with a thick head and smells like coffee, nuts, chocolate and vanilla. The welcome surprise is when you taste it. You get an almost burned, cocoa nibs, espresso flavor. It’s a welcome surprise! The sweetness comes form the tart cranberries that it has been brewed with. Buy My Beer


The idea of an mulled beer may sound bad but in fact it’s a warm-able cherry beer and is a absolute world beater. When heated gently, as you would with mulled wine, it gives off the most overwhelming cherry, spice, marzipan aroma and boasts a sweet fruit, cinnamon, nutmeg flavor with a hint of cloves but none of the spices ruin the drink! Buy My Beer

Christmas Ales – St Bernardus

Soft banana and herb note. This beer is brewed in Belgium and is one for the fan of wheat beer and as you can imagine, like and Belgium beer it packs a punch! The strong 10% ABV beer laced with Christmas spices with keep you toasty this winter! Buy My Beer

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