Autumn/Winter 2017 Fashion Trends

We are fast approaching the winter season and you’re asking what do I wear during these colder months. Well the Winter 2017 fashion trends collections are shaping up to be very good. Now you’re asking why?

With designers some old fashion staples are deemed ‘out of fashion’ whilst other designers deem old fashion staples ‘in fashion’. Many autumn/winter fashion trend are in their 4th or 5th year of trending. It’s more than likely you will own more than one winter staple pieces. You know the saying ‘if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it’

Winter 2017 Fashion Trends

Stores are packing out their shops with winter fashion trendy clothing, stocking everything from boots, knits to hats! We will look at the top 10 winter fashion trends 2017!

Red Alert, Red Alert!

Forget the pink fashion for winter 2017 things are set to get hot! Red hot! With red being the festive colour choice of the season, red is going to be a staple this winter! The designer Givenchy created an entire collection to do the dedicated red colour. Let’s not forget them slinky dresses and slick coats that Giorgio Armani and Versace designed. We cannot forget them over knee boots from Fendi that everyone went mad about!

Let Your Boots Make A Statement!

If the 2016 winter season was all about white boots, this season it’s all about them sparkly boots. Diamante boots to glitter boots, some designers have given their boots a space age vibe. Go bling or go home!

Nan! That’s Mine Not Yours!

Designers are giving a nod to the 70’s vibe clothing. Chunky suits and corduroy jackets, they are making a comeback from the likes of Marc Jacobs, Prada and Lemaire. Styling corduroy suits with shearling collars for a cosier fit.

Put in the footwork!Winter 2017 Fashion Trends

Last year, fishnet stockings had fan girls going crazy! If you are one of them you’re in for a treat! Fishnet stockings are getting a upgrade. From white, bridal like to fluffy and mint colored stocking, statement hosiery is where it’s at. It’s only time before the high street shops unveil their own affordable styling trick!

Work It Girl!

You may remember the power suits from the 90’s featuring double breasted cuts and shoulder pad. 2017 is seeing a new twist on these 90’s business staples in the form of longer lengths and more fluid flows. Brands such as Calvin Klein, Victoria Beckham and Stella McCartney have put their spin on the business fashion trend!

Get Waisted!

Belts are making an appearance at most fashion shows whether it’s a wide belt or a skinny belt they are due to come back! You can pair belts with anything from knits to coats.

Supersized me!

If you need to fit everything into your handbag and maybe the kitchen sink 2017 is your chance to rock those massive handbags! Bags are coming in more and more different shapes and brands are bringing out handbags with geometrical shapes. Chanel launched their slouchy, super soft, underarm handbags while Proenza shoulder arm candy handbag was big and shiny!

Winter 2017 Fashion Trends

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